Analyzing Searches with AdWords Search Funnels

January 4, 2011 | Written by

[youtube width=”540″ height=”344″][/youtube]   A well-optimized search engine marketing campaign will trigger unique ads and landing pages for each stage of the buying funnel. Customers in early awareness and research stages will see ads and landing pages tailored for their stage while customers whose search queries suggest strong buying intent will see ads and landing […]

The Rise of Online Video Consumption

December 19, 2010 | Written by

It’s no secret that one of the fastest growing online consumption trends is online video. Here’s a few interesting datasets to support the rise of video consumption online. According to the Pew Institute’s Generations 2010 report, the percentage of all adults who watch video online jumped 14 points in the past two years, from 52% […]

Introducing AdWords Campaign Experiments

December 18, 2010 | Written by

Search engine advertisements are excellent solutions for bringing high quality, relevant traffic to your website. Well-optimized, high ROI search engine advertising campaigns are born out of iterations. Iterations where measuring, analyzing, testing and optimizing are the primary ingredients for success. AdWords has recently released a new feature that allows you to conduct split tests on […]

Search is No. 2 Online Activity Behind E-Mail says Pew Study

December 16, 2010 | Written by

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has again released a fascinating study of Internet behavior across multiple generations. The final report is called Generations 2010 and is based on the findings of a daily tracking survey on Americans’ use of the Internet. It’s a follow-up to their Generations 2009 report. The report notably highlights […]

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