Our Story

What We Do

We grow companies online. We increase our clients’ sales and leads using data-driven, measurable online marketing strategies.

Who We Are

We’re a growing team of developers, eCommerce executives, usability specialists and data analysts who combine our unique skills to be growth engineers for our clients.

BitCadet was created to solve a growing marketing challenge for today’s best companies. Companies today are being sold the next hot online tool or trend without any regard for delivering measurable, provable business value to their company. Agencies are selling tools, not strategies, and are not creating quantifiable returns for their clients.

BitCadet is our response to the millions companies waste each year trying to make a profit online. We’re the growth engineers who help your company grow online in a measurable, data-driven way.

Our Core Values

  • Add value to your company by increasing your sales and leads online
  • Ensure your success is sustainable for the long term
  • Have fun as we work together to make you a more valuable company

Why Our Clients Choose Us

  • We deliver great results.
  • We have worked with businesses just like yours.
  • We’re not tied to any particular technology.
  • We’re seasoned online professionals.

Our Growing Team

Dusty Dean

Chief Web Business Analyst/CEO

Adam Li

Director of Software Engineering

Brad Perkins


Mary Farrar

UX Designer

Joey Evans


Julia Shepard

Data Analyst

Doug Osborne

SEO Analyst

Kenneth Soto

Systems Engineer

Monika Vogler

PPC Specialist

Contact Us

Call: 1-800-560-7109
E-mail: sales@bitcadet.com
Twitter: twitter.com/BitCadet
Facebook: facebook.com/BitCadet
Mail: 111 S. Highland Ave. Suite 166, Memphis, TN 38111




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