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Grow Sales Build a fast growing sales channel with our most popular growth strategies.
Master your direct online sales

There's been no better time in history to protect your gross margins and sell directly to your customers online. Accelerate your direct sales, improve your cash flows, and earn more control over your sales forecasts.

Transform your B2B sales process

Give your salesforce superpowers while meeting rapidly changing customer expectations with a self-serve customized e-commerce platform designed for the special requirements of B2B companies.

Launch new products or services online

Bring products and services to life with immersive omni-channel digital experiences designed using the latest technologies.

Use Data Strategically Put your company’s data to work solving problems and automating business processes.
Standardize companywide data capture points

Evolve your company’s culture to be more data sensitive and data driven. Break down the silos of databases that don’t connect to each other and standardize the ways your management teams access and analyze your valuable data.

Create automated decision making workflows

Prevent your team from doing repetitive low-value tasks and create automated workflows that respond 24/7 to important business logic.

Visualize your data in real-time dashboards

Move beyond isolated spreadsheets and visualize your company’s most important metrics and data triggers in real-time from a command center dashboard.

Build Open Platforms Connect your operations processes to a central open platform that works with customers, suppliers, and vendors.
Build a scalable and open internal operations platform

Revolutionize your company’s information flow by using today’s open source technologies to build a custom platform that connects your sales, engineering, manufacturing, and accounting directly to your customers.

Bring online IoT devices that add value to your operations

Strategically identify areas within operations that benefit from the always on, 24/7 monitoring that today’s IoT devices offer.

Improve the customer experience with automated solutions

Give your customers direct access to the valuable information they need from your company to turn a possible brand affecting frustration into a brand building moment.

Disrupt with Innovation Distance yourself from the competition by adopting today’s more innovative digital strategies.
Tell better stories with augmented and virtual reality

Train your employees and wow your customers with augmented and virtual reality applications.

Unlock hidden value from existing platforms

Monetize a valuable internal workflow or process by turning it into a platform or micro-service you can sell.

Leverage machine learning

Analyze data at lightning speed with today’s latest machine learning platforms for better decision making and project outcome predictions.

Protect Data Respect your customers and shareholders by managing data risk, data transparency, and data transferability.
Make data usage transparent for everyone
Establish transparent contracts with your customers, partners, and vendors on how and when you use their data.
Secure your customer’s and your employee’s data
Mitigate your exposure to the next data breach by bringing today’s robust security audits and security protocols to your products and services.
Guarantee your data transferability
Assure your company's data, customer data, and vendor data are not locked into a single database or platform. Establish strict data transferability rules for all systems that interact with your data.

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