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Dusty Dean
Founder & CEO
“My team and I transform manufacturers into digital leaders while preparing them for the unprecedented challenges of the 2020s.”

Dusty Dean is an entrepreneur, seasoned executive and technologist. His experience bringing digital transformation into non-technical business sectors has made him a sought after thought leader and strategist.

Dusty discovered technology could be an escape at a young age. Always curious, he’d have his nose in a book or break open clocks, radios and other electronics to understand how they worked. Then at the age of five, Dusty’s life changed when he received his first computer – an IBM 5170 AT. Soon after, he taught himself programming. By the age of 13, he was building and selling desktop computers and software. In his teens, Dusty would run IRC servers through his high school’s network and set up pranks through LAN. 

After college, Dusty started his software development and design firm, BITCADET. Before long he landed his first client – a do-it-yourself steel structure company called VersaTube. Over three years, BITCADET helped VersaTube create a new online sales channel through lead generation, improve their user experience and build a successful e-commerce platform. At the same time, BITCADET grew to a thirty-person company and added clients. Success was at an all-time high, then Dusty accepted an offer he couldn’t refuse. He took on the role of president of VersaTube. 

Dusty’s vision for VersaTube was to build a company that enabled anyone to design, build and purchase the structure of their dreams. To achieve this, he streamlined operations and developed an innovative and fully customizable e-commerce platform – which was so successful that customers broke with normal online shopping habits and spent 75 times more than the average Amazon online order of the time. A month after the platform was released, VersaTube broke their all-time monthly revenue number. 

Recently, Dusty returned to his role of CEO of BITCADET and is working on a new startup. Dusty is looking forward to working with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders to explore how digital technologies can transform traditional industries.

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