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Dusty Dean
Founder & CEO
"My team and I transform manufacturers into digital leaders while preparing them for the unprecedented challenges of the 2020s."

Dusty Dean is setting a new standard for how manufacturers can build fast-growing new revenue streams. 

Dusty formed BITCADET as a one-stop source for manufacturers who are serious about building a digital sales strategy and growing beyond their dreams. 

He built an expert team of technologists, digital sales experts, and industry analysts to function as his clients’ outsourced digital growth department that delivers revenue growth on an accelerated schedule.  Dusty’s philosophy is for his team to do all the work so clients can focus on what they do best – building and shipping quality products.

Growing up Dusty was always fascinated by technology – by the time he was eight years old he was learning how to code; by thirteen he was building and selling desktop computers and software. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Dusty founded BITCADET — intrigued by technology and how it might be a solution to the channel complexities manufacturers deal with every day.  

Before long BITCADET built an e-commerce platform for VersaTube, a do-it-yourself steel structure manufacturer. After seeing Dusty in action, VersaTube’s board asked him to lead the company with a mission to transform VersaTube online – enabling anyone to design, build and purchase the structure they want.  Dusty streamlined operations and developed an innovative and fully customizable e-commerce platform. The company grew from $5 million to $50 million by establishing a direct to consumer sales strategy.   

This was just the start. Dusty led a companywide turnaround that transformed a 20-year old manufacturing company into a highly profitable digital enterprise. As a result, direct online sales went from 5% to over 60% of annual revenue. In addition, he created an online configurator that connected sales, engineering and the customer service with real-time pricing and shortened lead times.

Coming off his success at VersaTube, Dusty returned full time to his original dream to build BITCADET to be of service to all manufacturers who are looking for growth. Today, Dusty and his expert team are working closely with clients to identify the right market opportunities and customize highly successful digital programs — including website development, e-commerce catalogs, CAD drawings, and powerful lead generation programs that deliver long term sales success.  

Dusty looks forward to BITCADET’s future growth as well as working with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders to explore how technologies like AR, VR and machine learning can transform traditional industries

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