Facebook Adds Zip Code Targeting and Interest-based Suggestions

August 12, 2011 | Written by Dusty Dean

Good news, Facebook advertisers! Facebook recently added two very useful features to their advertising platform.

Creating ads that are highly relevant to your target audience is one of the fundamental keys to a successful online advertising campaign.

Facebook’s new zip code targeting and interest-based suggestions are the tools you need to be more relevant to your audiences.

Zip Code Targeting

Gone are the days when advertisers could only target Facebook users by states, provinces and cities. Advertisers can now target up to 2,500 zip codes per advertisement and sponsored story.

This is great for small businesses and franchises, especially those in larger cities, because they can now target the specific neighborhoods they serve.

Though it’s not as effective as Google’s map and radius targeting, it’s a huge leap forward for Facebook’s advertising platform.

Facebook Advertising Zip code Targeting

Interest-based Suggestions

The previously laborious process of researching interests and related interests of your target demographic has been made easier by Facebook’s new auto-generated list of interest suggestions.

Once you type in your targeted interest in the “precise interest” field you’ll automatically see a list of generated related interests below the field.

These auto-generated suggestions shouldn’t be a substitute for your own detailed demographic research, but they will definitely aide you in finding new areas you may have overlooked.

Facebook Advertising Precise Interest Targeting

And finally, Facebook has added bulk interest pasting available for interest targeting so you can quickly copy and paste your detailed list of interest targets for your campaigns.

Facebook Interest Targeting Paste in a List

August 12, 2011 | Written by Dusty Dean

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