We get it. Building a manufacturing business is hard. While you’re focused on making amazing products and meeting customer demand, there’s not much time left to create a sales strategy and boost growth. That’s where BITCADET comes in.

At BITCADET we feel your pain because we’ve been there. Our leader Dusty Dean led a legendary business transformation for VersaTube, a manufacturer of DIY steel building kits. Under Dusty’s leadership, the company grew from $5 million to $50 million by establishing a direct to consumer sales strategy.

This was just the start. He transformed how the company targets and processes leads, created world-class lead generation and ecommerce platforms, and used innovative digital marketing strategies to lower customer acquisition costs. As a result, direct online sales went from 5% to over 60% of annual revenue. In addition, he created an online configurator that connected sales, engineering and the customer service with real-time pricing and shortened lead times.

Dusty formed BITCADET as a one-stop source for manufacturers who are serious about building a digital sales strategy and growing exponentially. His expert team of digital technologists and analysts work hand-in-hand with you to deliver the best online sales channel to support all your customer types – whether it’s direct-to-consumer, distributor, dealer, or a government agency.

As BITCADET creates your new sales platform, we’re also working on integrating it into all of your other vital business functions. From finance, operations, marketing, customer service, and even directly into your manufacturing process — we make sure all areas that interact with your new sales channel are improved by technology.

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