Mobile Internet Trends and Data You Need To Know

March 19, 2011 | Written by Dusty Dean

Important Mobile Internet Trends and Data

Whenever I’m searching for today’s most relevant data on mobile internet trends I turn to legendary internet analyst Mary Meeker.

In February of 2011, Ms. Meeker released a new updated report on today’s most important mobile internet trends. The report is a 56 slide presentation and here are few highlights that were notable to me.

Note: I’ve attached a footnote to each statistic referencing its source slide. Also, the full presentation is embedded below.

    Desktop and laptop sales dominated by mobile phone and tablet sales

  • Global shipments of smartphones and tablets exceed shipments of desktop PCs and laptops in Q4 2010. This gap between smartphones and desktops/laptops is expected to widen over the next several years. 1
  • Smartphone users are very active app explorers

  • 60% of time spent on smartphones involves a new activity for users. 2
  • Facebook has seen strong growth in their mobile website users vs desktop users

  • Facebook has 200 million mobile website users versus 50 million in September 2009 3
  • Also, Facebook’s mobile users are far more active than desktop users

  • Facebook’s mobile users are 2X more active than desktop-only users 4
  • A massive surge in global data traffic expected over the next several years

  • Global mobile data traffic should grow 26x over next 5 years. 5
  • Japan’s mobile sites a possible indicator of future US mobile growth

  • Japan’s social networking site, Mixi, illustrates the importance of mobile: 85% of page views on mobile vs. 14% 4.5 years ago. 6
  • Android’s growth produces incredible numbers

  • Google’s smartphone market share – Q4 2010 vs Q4 2009 is up 615%. 7
  • Apple continues to grow, but not at Android’s breakneck pace

  • Apple’s smartphone market share – Q4 2010 vs Q4 2009 is up 86%. 8

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Photo Credit: Johan Larsson // CC


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March 19, 2011 | Written by Dusty Dean

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