How Can Digital Increase Productivity of US Manufacturing?

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By decreasing the dependence on manual human interventions.

“Digital information flow still requires too many manual interventions before it makes its way to the appropriate team member, work cell, or back to the customer. The promise of technology is to augment and empower humans to higher productivity. More manual processes must be turned into automated processes through strong executive buy-in and improved companywide digital literacy.”

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As the saying goes: rising tides lift all boats. When you increase your digital productivity, you elevate the talent level of your staff and increase the value of human capital.

“The development of digital didactic programs will increase the retention of high quality employees and build a bridge between the skills gaps that current employees have and the skills needed to be successful in the constrained labor market of the next decade. “

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Robot automation is offering our clients options they never dreamed possible.

“A recent development that is often overlooked is the rapidly declining costs of robot dexterity.  There’s a new wave robot automation upon us that is much more economical and dexterous than the generation of five years ago.”