Unlocking E-commerce Potential


We understand the challenges of growing a business in today’s competitive landscape. While you focus on creating exceptional products and meeting customer demands, it’s crucial to develop a robust digital sales strategy to fuel growth. That’s where BITCADET steps in.

At BITCADET, our expertise stems from our firsthand experience in driving business growth across multiple industries. We have assembled a team of dedicated experts in the areas that make e-commerce scale and scale profitably. Our team’s knowledge and experience supercharge your internal teams, providing unparalleled insights and strategies for success.

Our diverse team of digital technologists and analysts collaborate with you to develop and implement tailored online sales channels that cater to various customer segments – whether direct-to-consumer, distributor, dealer, or government agency.

As we create your new sales platform, we also focus on seamlessly integrating it with all your essential business functions. From finance, operations, and marketing to customer service and manufacturing processes, we ensure that all aspects of your business are optimized and enhanced by technology.


We envision a world where the perfect blend of technology and passion unlocks limitless possibilities.


At BITCADET, we take a personal approach. Our mission is to capture the best of business and technological value for all our clients. We work relentlessly to ensure our solutions are accessible, user-friendly, and widely adopted. Our solutions don’t just work; they work with and for our clients, empowering them to thrive in the digital era.

Core Values

Our success is built on a foundation of integrity, creativity, diversity, accountability, and a sincere commitment to always doing what’s best for our clients. We believe that by staying true to these core values, we can help businesses unlock their full potential in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Team Member

Dusty Dean
Team Member

Lisa Clark
Managing Director
Team Member

Vladimir Lepusina
Design Director
Team Member

Borsos Ákos
Director of Engineering
Team Member

Lauren Niu, MBA, PE
Director of Operations
Team Member

Mara Zúñiga
Director of Marketing