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We turn your manufacturing business into an e-commerce pro.

While it’s easy to say what we do, what we offer is like your manufacturing process. It takes many steps, a deep understanding, and the patience to see it through.

E-commerce continues to outpace growth in all other sales channels. Manufacturers have largely been left out of this opportunity because their business models and processes don’t support the demands e-commerce requires. That’s where we help.

From day one we’re there to understand your needs and goals. We then develop e-commerce channels to support all of your customer types – whether it’s a local dealer, the federal government, or your next-door neighbor.

As we’re building your new sales platform, we’re also creating its integrations into all of your other vital business functions. From accounting, to customer service, and directly into your manufacturing process, we make sure all areas that interact with your e-commerce order are improved with technology.


We see a world not limited by technology but made prosperous by it.


BITCADET is guided by our mission to capture technological value for each of our clients. We work tirelessly to assure our solutions are accessible, user friendly, and widely adopted. Our solutions don’t just work, they work with and for our clients.

Core Tenets

We believe none of this is possible without integrity, creativity, diversity, accountability, and our commitment to always do what is best.

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