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Making E-commerce History


Manufacturers, seeking growth in sales and profitability, are turning to direct customer sales.


A dynamic digital platform focused on the most valuable product differentiating factors resulting in increased sales, cash flows, and information flow.



Digital technology is not only transforming the way manufacturing happens, but the way it is sold. It allows the manufacturer to sell from their own platform to capture additional profit, and gives the customer choice flexibility. The combined affect has spurred additional growth.

In 2013, BITCADET was approached by a client seeking to establish an online sales channel for one of the most dynamic and expensive products sold online: design-it-yourself and construct-it-yourself steel building kits.

Getting straight to work, the BITCADET team spoke with customers. They found that people don’t like extended wait periods for quotes and opaque pricing; they do like the flexibility to choose the precise sizing they needed.

They then worked with the engineering and costing departments and learned how to quote and price dynamically. Then, BITCADET’s development team built a custom program to draw, price quote (with dynamic shipping and tax), and create end user instructions that seamlessly integrated into the company’s existing enterprise software for operations and accounting.

As a result, the client experienced 120% growth over 4 years, optimized cash flows by collecting payments up front, and remains an omni-channel focused company.

About the author

Dusty is an entrepreneur, experienced executive, and technologist. He has been helping manufacturing companies digitize their processes and increase their sales since 2009. Read Bio.

About the author

Lisa leads strategic client initiatives and planning for BITCADET. She has extensive multi-industry experience in management consulting, specializing in guiding teams and clients through the adoption of and adaptation to technological changes. Read Bio.

About the author

Vladimir is the Design Director for BITCADET. He has extensive experience in digital strategy, specializing in software and graphic design and the implementation of digital projects for international corporations. Read Bio.

About the author

Boros is Director of Engineering for BITCADET and works to drive innovation through merging manufacturing with emerging technologies.Read Bio.

About the author

Lauren is the Director of Operations for BITCADET responsible for client strategic direction and operational execution.Read Bio.

About the author

Mara is a senior consultant with BITCADET focused in marketing and communications. She has spent the past fifteen years working with companies on a full suite of marketing and communications services, including sub-branding and positioning, public relations, and content marketing. Read Bio.

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