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Using Internal Digital Solutions to Scale Business


Transitioning B2B companies to B2C requires smart, customizable digital solutions.


Fully automated and integrated information flow to meet customer demand.


The client wanted a process strategy to meet their customer’s expectations: a fast, accurate, and transparent transaction from order through fulfillment.


2019 continues to see a rise in consumer power. In response, companies are focusing on full product experiences to lure customers by offering to deliver on high expectations. If done well, the companies could gain repeat customers, but if done poorly, it could be brand damaging.

In 2015, the BITCADET team helped transition a B2B focused company to a B2C dominant model. The client wanted a process strategy to meet their customer’s expectations: a fast, accurate, and transparent transaction from order through fulfillment.

Initial staff interviews both exposed internal inefficiencies and allowed the BITCADET team to build trust with the staff. After several cross-departmental discussions, the staff agreed that with the help of WANDA (our information flow optimization program), they could greatly improve the customer experience.

The BITCADET development team began integrating WANDA into many staff processes, and it was fully integrated and launched in October 2016. Almost immediately, internal work flows changed to more optimized states, and redundancies were eliminated. Staff spent less time information searching, and management spent less time troubleshooting customer problems. Due to the speed of information flow, lead times decreased, and the company saw an uptick in sales.

Using WANDA, management tested and then allowed office staff to work remotely despite ever increasing sales. This lead to further decreases in their administrative costs, which they passed onto customers to drive more sales.

This client was able to give customers the experience they demanded, while decreasing costs, and increasing employee happiness.

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