VersaTube Launches Configurable E-Commerce Garages for DIY Customers

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BITCADET Transforms Leading DIY Steel Building Manufacturer’s Online Catalog to include over 36,000 Unique Combinations of Garages for Residential & Commercial Use

Collierville, Tennessee – December 31st, 2020 – VersaTube Building Systems, the leading manufacturer of pre-engineered DIY steel building kits, made exclusively in the U.S., today announced a new, highly configurable residential and commercial garages category–available at

VersaTube is experiencing record growth during the pandemic as more people are taking advantage of the time to tackle home improvement projects. According to Tim Soder, co-founder of VersaTube. “We’re excited to offer customers a fully digital, interactive experience to create and purchase their dream garage.”

“Our technology and marketing partner BITCADET transformed VersaTube’s online sales channel by creating a dynamic sizing tool that allows buyers to select from 137 new sizes with up to 36,000 different combinations to find their perfect structure,” said Mr. Soder.

“We’re pleased to be a part of VersaTube’s success,” said Dusty Dean, co-founder of BITCADET. “VersaTube’s online sales now represent over 60% of their annual revenue – an indication of how powerful technology can be for manufacturers. We helped them connect sales, engineering and customer service with real-time pricing and shortened lead times, making it a highly efficient buying process,” he said.

The new Garage category is part of VersaTube’s customized e-commerce platform which currently showcases 200+ products with images, pricing, specs and the ability for buyers to design their own structure, see real-time pricing and lead times, and purchase it directly online. For more information, visit For more information about BITCADET, go to

About VersaTube Building Systems
VersaTube Building Systems is the leading manufacturer of pre-engineered DIY steel building kits – for carports, garages, workshops, buildings, barns, sheds, and more. The company operatesout of its Collierville, Tennessee headquarters and two additional U.S. facilities. A full line of accessories is also available. All steel material is sourced from U.S. suppliers and kits are available in both standard and custom sizes; engineered to meet local codes. VersaTube products are sold via authorized dealers or direct-to-consumer from

BITCADET increases manufacturers’ sales and company valuations by creating innovative digital sales channels – whether you’re an owner, investor, or looking to increase your value prior to a sale – they design and execute a growth program tailored to your industry and needs.

BITCADET’s pioneering team of technologists, digital sales experts, and industry analysts function as a fully outsourced digital growth department that delivers revenue growth on an accelerated schedule. We do all the work so our clients can focus on what they do best – building and shipping quality products. Visit us at

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