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Capturing Lost Value from Configurable E-commerce

Today’s sales world was not built for made-to-order (MTO) manufacturers. They are often stuck between two processes: an internal archaic sales process that uses error-prone spreadsheets for quoting, and modern e-commerce stores that either don’t support the level of customization needed or require an exhaustive number of SKUs.

These processes are no better for their customers. People want the ease of an Amazon transaction for their customized products, yet are stuck choosing between a days long email quoting process or a fast standardized product with minimal options for customization. This is a lose-lose situation for MTO manufacturers and their customers.

To solve this problem, BITCADET developed an e-commerce platform designed specifically made for MTO manufacturers. We call it RENDER.

Through RENDER, cross-industry clients are achieving what they never thought possible: they are giving their customers what they want in a sales process without sacrificing a single customization detail.

For manufacturers RENDER:

  • Removes the wait time for customers to receive a quote by turning internal sales sheets into dynamic, configurable client-facing sales pages
  • Integrates with loan service companies and allows sales management to send leads directly into the sales team’s database
  • Gives immediate costing and revenue data for every order and potential order for fast pricing decisions

For customers RENDER:

  • Allows real-time pricing, or pricing estimate, transparency and the ability to buy online
  • Offers a smart user interface developed specifically for made-to-order products
  • Gives full and interesting views of the product they want to purchase

RENDER continues to grow with each new client and with market and technical shifts. If you’re interested in this new way of selling, please feel free to contact us.

About the author

Dusty is an entrepreneur, experienced executive, and technologist. He has been helping manufacturing companies digitize their processes and increase their sales since 2009. Read Bio.

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