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Electrifying E-commerce: How BITCADET Supercharged Sales for an Electric Car Brand

BITCADET designed a customized, configurable e-commerce platform to drive sales and elevate the electric car brand's customer experience.


The electric car market is rapidly growing and fiercely competitive. Our client, a forward-thinking electric car brand, needed an e-commerce platform that would not only showcase their innovative vehicles but also provide a seamless, engaging, and personalized shopping experience for potential buyers. They turned to BITCADET to design and implement a custom-configurable e-commerce solution that would meet their unique needs and help them stand out in the crowded market.


The heat pump provider faced several challenges, including:

  1. Design a user-friendly, configurable e-commerce platform that allows customers to easily customize their electric vehicle.
  2. Seamlessly integrate the platform with existing systems for inventory management, payment processing, and customer relationship management.
  3. Provide a frictionless shopping experience that increases conversions and drives sales.
  4. Showcase the electric car brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.


BITCADET assembled a cross-functional team of e-commerce strategists, UX/UI designers, and developers to collaborate closely with the electric car brand’s stakeholders. Our approach included:

  1. Discovery and Research: Conducting comprehensive market research and analyzing user personas to understand the target audience and their preferences.
  2. UX/UI Design: Creating wireframes and prototypes of the e-commerce platform, prioritizing intuitive navigation and responsive design.
  3. Customization Features: Implementing a robust configurator that allows customers to customize their vehicle’s color, interior options, battery range, and additional features.
  4. Integration: Ensuring seamless integration with the client’s existing systems for real-time inventory updates, payment processing, and CRM.
  5. Testing and Iteration: Conducting thorough testing and gathering user feedback to fine-tune the platform and ensure optimal performance.


BITCADET’s custom-configurable e-commerce platform delivered outstanding results for the electric car brand:

  1. Increased Conversions: The user-friendly interface and seamless shopping experience led to a 25% increase in conversion rates.
  2. Boosted Sales: The platform’s configurator generated a 30% increase in overall sales, as customers felt more engaged and confident in their purchasing decisions.
  3. Streamlined Operations: Integrations with existing systems improved operational efficiency, reducing order processing time by 20%.
  4. Enhanced Brand Image: The innovative platform reinforced the electric car brand’s commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, attracting more environmentally-conscious consumers.


BITCADET’s expertise in designing and implementing a configurable e-commerce platform for the electric car brand led to significant growth in conversions and sales while providing a seamless, personalized shopping experience for customers. Our tailored solution not only streamlined operations but also reinforced the brand’s innovative image in the competitive electric vehicle market.

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