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Using User Interface Design to Drive Brand Strategy


Exceptional user experience is no longer optional, it is required to remain competitive.


Increased traffic and conversion rate using user-focused platform design principles that seamlessly integrate into a customer’s buying patterns.


In 2019, customers want to define their own shopping experience. Companies must now create content, user experiences, and interfaces that integrate flawlessly into a customer’s day, no matter what platform or device they are using. The ability to understand your customer’s values, and to create unique experiences that balance these values with your product is key to its online value capture potential.

A fitness focused BITCADET client wanted to launch sales of their heavy, electronic equipment online. As a new channel, they wanted to use this opportunity to present their brand as customer first and balance this with seamless transactions that paired well with their established systems.

To build the scaffolding of the website, the BITCADET team met with all departments whose function would be affected with the additional channel to understand total information capture and needs. They rounded out their user experience design with customer surveys that focused on the product decision making process.

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The team then focused on agile development through rapid testing and feedback to transform the initial design. BITCADET found that focusing on speed and a flawless transaction across all platforms was closely tied to conversion rate. The company moved to a mobile-first design and integrated sales through social platforms.

To date, revenue continues to thrive using from the platform. It remains readily able to transform to meet market demand through its flexible user experience. This company is staged to grow into 2022 with their strategic investment.

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